Spotlight on Matthew Dakoutros: The Virtuoso of Violins

Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on Matthew Dakoutros, the virtuoso behind the enchanting violin melodies that grace the music of Gospel of Decay. With his exceptional talent and unwavering passion, Matthew has become an integral part of our musical journey, adding depth and emotion to each composition with his exquisite playing.

Hailing from Greece, Matthew brings a rich musical heritage and a wealth of experience to our band. He has been active in the prog metal scene since 2003, serving as the founding member of Art of Simplicity and collaborating with renowned artists such as Mystras, Spectral Lore, and Winter Eternal, among others. With a background that includes stints in Wastefall and indie rock band Empty Frame, Matthew’s versatility and creativity know no bounds.

Matthew’s mastery of the violin is evident in every note, weaving intricate and evocative melodies that transport listeners to new realms of sound and emotion. From his classical recordings of works like Béla Bartók’s “44 Duos for Two Violins” to his collaborations with prog metal giants, Matthew’s artistry knows no bounds.

Beyond his musical contributions, Matthew brings a spirit of camaraderie and inspiration to our rehearsals and performances, encouraging us to push the boundaries of our creativity and explore new sonic territories.

As we continue to embark on our musical journey, we are grateful to have Matthew Dakoutros by our side, guiding us with his talent and passion. His contributions to Gospel of Decay are immeasurable, and we look forward to sharing many more musical adventures together in the years to come.

Join us in celebrating Matthew Dakoutros and his incredible talent as we honor his contributions to our band and our music. Rock on, Matthew!

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